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Concession Table

The Caddy Products Concession Table III & IV, is the ultimate convenience solution for luxury seating cinemas! This innovative, reusable table is designed to perfectly fit into the cupholder of a reclining cinema chair, revolutionizing the way patrons enjoy their favorite snacks and drinks during a movie. The Caddy Products Recliner Tables are stored in a convenient dispenser near the concession stand, this table provides patrons with the opportunity to purchase more and transport additional concession items to the auditorium, making the movie experience more enjoyable.

The Caddy Products Concession Table features a thoughtfully crafted design that includes two mobile phone holders, ensuring that movie enthusiasts have a place to securely store their phone while they enjoy the movie. The Caddy Table is easy to clean, offering hassle-free maintenance, and providing a seamless experience for cinema staff and customers.

Customizability is key with Caddy Products, as all our trays are available in a spectrum of vibrant colors (minimum order required), allowing cinemas to match the table to their branding or create a unique visual experience for their patrons. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of juggling snacks and drinks in your lap. Upgrade your cinema experience with the Caddy Products Concession Table and make every movie night an unforgettable one!


  • Available in various riser heights.
  • Promotes additional larger concessions sales.
  • Effective swivel tray solution for traditional seating.
  • Eliminate recurring costs of disposable trays.
  • Convenient and secure delivery system for concessions to seating.
  • Easily cleaned, reusable and cost-effective.
  • Reduces auditorium clean-up time.

Caddy Concession Table III & IV

Part Number Description Inserts Options:
TABLE III Table III (Large) 225: B, D / 325: A / 425: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H
TABLE IVI Table IV (Small) 225: B, D / 325: A / 425: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H

Note: Custom inserts to fit various cupholder models.