MiT Pedestals

The foundation for your perfect presentation is a MiT pedestal with all your equipment in one place.

MiT Dimmers & LED Lighting

Fade to black with MiT smooth dimming LED lighting fixtures and dimming systems.

MiT Automation

MiT automation systems reliably execute cinema cues to components like projectors, dimmers, sound processors, and more.

MiT ADA Accessibility

ADA-compliant solutions for hard-of-hearing, foreign language, and or visually-impaired patrons.


CineQC utilizes secure Near-field Communication (NFC) “Area Tags” to link tasks, places, people & equipment.

MiT Energy Management

Take control and protect your investment with MiT energy management solutions.

MiT MovEsports

MovEsports enables amateur eSports league play in cinemas via portable gaming and production systems.


MiT Library Management Server (LMS) are at the heart of any cinema operation utilizing your favorite TMS.

MiT Boothless Systems

When a mezzanine or projection booth is not an option MiT Lift Systems, Pods, and Hush Racks are the answer.

MiT 3D XL Mover

The MiT XL Mover is the #1 choice to reliably switch between 2D and 3D operation.

MiT Speaker Termination Box (STB)

The MiT STB removes guesswork between the electrician's and technician's speaker wire terminations.

MiT DVLED Frames

The MiT Direct View LED (DVLED) frame delivers a secure footing & precision adjustment for all brands.