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Hush rack

The Moving iMage Technologies Hush Rack is designed to accommodate all of your video and audio rack mounting requirements and support alternative auditorium configurations including boothless cinemas. The MiT Hush Rack is the equipment rack of choice for those exhibitors that are installing Direct View LED Cinema systems and is a terrific complement to the MiT DVLED Screen Frame. 

The Hush Rack adds a level of security uncommon in typical equipment racks. A solid, anti-rattle welded design is ideal for locating equipment in the auditorium, next to or behind the screen. The MiT Hush Rack delivers High volume, low-pressure ventilation that is filtered to keep your electronics breathing cleanly. Coupled with the MiT IS Series of power filtering and remote switching products, the MiT Hush Rack can be remotely powered up/down to support efficient energy management and equipment protection. 

Available for integration with MiT power management, filtering, and distribution products.

MiT integration services are available to deliver your completely integrated fully wired and tested Hush Rack System to your job site.


  • 40 RU of secure rack space.
  • Welded steel powder-coated construction.
  • 5-point lockable steel security doors.
  • Air filters in the front and back doors.
  • High-volume, low-pressure fans for quiet ventilation.
  • Cable lacing channels for ease of cable dressing & management.
  • Bonded grounding post & Bare rack rails for secure grounding.
  • Adjustable rack rails front and rear for flexible mounting.
  • Support channel at the bottom of rack for heavy amps or UPS.
  • Work light for ease of service.
  • Laser cut conduit knock-outs for flexibility of service entry/exit.

iMage Lift Model S

Moving iMageLift

iMageLift Model S

The Moving iMage Technologies iMageLift Model S raises the projector for unobstructed projection on the screen and safely lowers it to a convenient height for servicing, avoiding the use of ladders by service personnel.  The iMageLift Model S is designed for use with projectors of approximately 150 pounds or less. The iMageLift Model S utilizes a well-documented Unistrut channel for the track that integrates with the MiT MicroPod quiet projector enclosures (sold separately). When the projector pod reaches the upper extent of travel the carriage is pin-registered to the upper plate to ensure rock-steady projection, and the ventilation supply & return ports mate with their receptacles with gaskets. Cable carriers keep the AC and signal cables organized during travel.

The iMageLift Model S is available in two configurations, a version with the lifting winch mounted to a baseplate on the floor, and another version with the winch mounted high for applications where the loss of seats cannot be tolerated.


  • Attractive black texture powder-coated assembly.
  • Safety braking unit included.
  • The interface plate allows HVAC hard connection.
  • Cable carriers for AC power and signals.

Features, (baseplate & low-mounted winch):

  • Low center of mass.
  • Minimal wall support is required & is compatible with standard construction methods.
  • Stable support during the projector servicing.

Features, (high-mounted winch):

  • Reduces or eliminates seating loss (wall reinforcement may be required).

Part Number(s):

Baseplate Models:

A000415-011                                                    11-foot

A000415-012                                                    12.5-foot

A000415-014                                                    14-foot

Overhead Winch Models:

A000416-011                                                    11-foot

A000416-012                                                    12.5-foot

A000416-014                                                    14-foot


A000402-001                                                    Micropod enclosure (47L x 34W x 24H).

A000411-011/-012/-014                                Load brackets, for mounting to the central column. 

C001710-004/-006                                          Riser block to increase overall height by 4” or 6”.


Moving iMageLift


The Moving iMage Technologies MicroPod is a simple yet attractive projector enclosure that fits into any cinema, or theatre décor to isolate the projection system from the audience in the shared space. The Micropod was designed specifically for the NC900 & NC1100 projectors and can accommodate equivalent small-footprint projectors).

The MicroPod is manufactured with a rugged 10GA steel frame and lightweight aluminum covers delivering the optimum combination of strength and light weight. The Micropod is intended to be suspended from a ceiling or overhead structure, 3/4" female threaded sockets are provided at the four corners of the frame for attaching hooks, cables, or other suspension fittings.

The MicroPod is compatible with MiT's iMageLift Model S system, so it may be lowered to a convenient height for servicing the projector.


  • Sealed enclosure for quiet operation.
  • 8" Supply and Exhaust fittings on the top to facilitate HVAC connections.
  • 9" square water white AR/ coated glass port, gasketing, and trim included as standard.
  • Optional sound-damping foam composite panels may be factory-installed for an even lower noise profile.

Important note: As the installation of this unit is outside the control of MiT, we disclaim all liability for damage to equipment or personal injury resulting from improper installation. Using lifting-rated hardware is essential!. MiT recommends always consulting a structural engineer for any installation of equipment over an audience.


Dimensions (LxWxH): 42.0 x 34.5 x 21 in. XX x XX x XX mm.

Weight: 130lbs. (not including foam).


Moving iMageLift


The Moving iMage Technologies MiniPod projection enclosure is the larger version of the widely popular MicroPod. The MiniPod supports larger and heavier projectors, such as the Barco B and C series, as well as laser-based models. The MiniPod has an increased length & width and is available in multiple heights. A forced-air ventilation system is available as an option.


  • Rugged steel construction with black powder coating.
  • Quiet enclosure with interior dampening foam.
  • The projector is supported from below, with a tilt adjustment plate provided.
  • Water-white optically clear glass port provided.
  • 8 RU of rack space included as standard, incorporates tilt mechanism for up to 6 degrees down angle.
  • Built-in reverse-impeller air circulation fan (optional).

Part Numbers:

A000403-001                                                    Standard model, 34” high overall


Dimensions (LxWxH): 54.0 x 34.25 x 37.75. / 0 x 0 x 0 mm.

Weight: TBDlbs / TBD kg.

Moving iMageLift

Moving iMageLift