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MovEsports | SNDBX

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MovEsports Systems are specifically designed to provide large-scale gaming league experiences to amateur league play in cinemas and performance spaces where a permanent installation is not desired or feasible. With the MovEsports, gamers experience everything they love about gaming with the additions of a massive screen, amazing audio, and unique in-person-social encounters.

The MovEsports system consists of six to ten PLC01 player cart systems and one GMC01 Gamemaster cart. The lightweight GMC01 and PLC01 carts create a sturdy, secure, and moveable gaming and production system designed to be easily relocated, stored, and most importantly easily interconnected providing up to 5vs5 gameplay on the gaming platform of choice.

Each PLC01 player cart system is equipped with a gaming console, 24" gaming monitor, audio/video capture device, and wireless headsets. The PLC01 includes a gaming chair with the necessary cabling to accommodate solo or competitive play. The MovEsports GMC01 and PLC01 are compatible with PC, Xbox, and PlayStation gaming platforms/consoles. An optional camera kit is available to put the gamer's image on the cinema screen for spectators to see. The MovEsports PLC01 easily integrates with the GMC01, bringing interactive gaming to life on the BIG screen in your local cinema.

The GMC01 Gamemaster cart is equipped with a high-performance Windows Pro PC, dual 24" monitors, a programmable content switcher pad, high-speed network switches, and the specific software to capture and present the gaming action for up to 10 players on the BIG Screen through the existing digital cinema projection and audio system. The GMC01 is a flexible, Windows-based production switcher that delivers playback imagery and action to entertain Esports spectators of all ages.

Compatible with SNDBX, Based in Vero Beach Florida, SNDBX is revolutionizing local Esports in partnership with cinemas. Gamers in the SNDBX experience everything they love about gaming with the addition of a massive screen, amazing audio, and unique in-person social encounters.

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