Moving iMage Technologies (MiT) is your trusted cinema design & consulting partner. We specialize in delivering top-notch solutions for auditorium design, projection, sound, aisle lighting, wall coverings, auditorium acoustics, and front-end technologies. With a commitment to excellence, we collaborate with industry-leading brands such as LEA Professional, Dolby, JBL, Cinionic/Barco, SHARP/NEC, Christie Digital, and many more. At MiT, we bring together expertise and cutting-edge equipment to create unforgettable cinematic experiences.

Our projection solutions are designed to offer unparalleled visual quality. Through partnerships with Texas Instruments DLP cinema manufactures Barco, Christie Digital, and SHARP/NEC we provide a wide range of projectors suitable for various screen sizes and viewing environments. Our experienced consultants work closely with you to identify the ideal projection system, taking into account factors like screen size, resolution, brightness, and budget. This focus on the visual performance doesn't stop with projection systems, rather, MiT provides consulting to get the most out of Direct View LED Systems from all of the manufactures like LG, Samsung, and SONY.

Sound is an equally critical element of the cinematic experience, and at MiT, we excel in delivering immersive audio solutions. By partnering with Dolby, Trinnov, LEA Professional, JBL and Q-SYS/QSC we offer state-of-the-art sound technologies that ensure superior audio quality and clarity. Whether it's 5.1/7.1 surround sound systems or immersive formats like the Immersive Audio Bitstream (IAB) or Dolby Atmos, our solutions guarantee that every seat in the theater is immersed in rich, captivating sound.

We understand that the overall ambiance of the theater matters, which is why we pay close attention to details like aisle lighting and wall coverings. Our consultants provide expert guidance to ensure well-illuminated pathways and aesthetically pleasing wall coverings that optimize both safety and acoustics. To get the most out of your movie soundtracks and equipment, our consultants evaluate your space and recommend tailored acoustic treatments to achieve optimal reverberation time and sound enviroment. 

Front-end technologies, including screen and masking systems, are seamlessly integrated into our solutions. Collaborating with leading manufacturers, Harkness & Steverson we offer high-quality screens that deliver exceptional image reproduction, whether it's traditional white or 3D silver screens, perforated screens for audio transparency, or cutting-edge direct view LED displays. Our front end drapery and masking designs ensure flawless aspect ratio presentation, providing audiences with a seamless and captivating visual experience.

Choose Moving iMage Technologies for your cinema consulting needs and unlock the full potential of your theater. With our expertise, industry partnerships, and commitment to excellence, we bring your cinematic vision to life, creating extraordinary experiences that keep audiences coming back for more.