CineQC Enterprise Software

CineQC Enterprise Software

CineQC (VenueQC) is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform utilizing secure Near-field communication (NFC) “Area Tags” to link places, people, connected equipment and time with roles, responsibilities and tasks.

Using NFC-enabled tablets (devices), users are alerted to engage with specific Area Tags. Once scanned, the appropriate checklists and connected equipment controls are presented to each user or user group.

The CineQC platform provides customizable checklists, connected equipment telemetry, and incident documentation with centralized custom reports that enable quality assurance, staff management, inventory control, and back-office analytics.

CineQC (VenueQC) enables remote access to control audio, video, lighting, and HVAC systems in auditoriums, kitchens, lobbies, and security perimeters through an intuitive user interface. As a result, CineQC (VenueQC) provides both operational excellence and litigation mitigation in one software system.