The cinema, sports, grocery, performing arts, worship, retail industries are now also benefiting from Caddy’s innovations.

From cupholders and concession trays to accessory products, Caddy Products® are utilized in over 270,000 facilities throughout more than 91 countries worldwide.

Caddy personnel are committed to producing the finest quality products and providing exceptional customer service. We specialize in supplying the following industries:

Restroom Caddy

This sleek and versatile accessory is designed to enhance the restroom experience at cinemas, stadiums, arenas, bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels, convention centers, airports, and portable restrooms.

Concession Tray

The Concession Tray I & II, is the ultimate convenience solution for moviegoers! This innovative, reusable tray is designed to fit perfectly into the cupholder of a standard cinema chair.

Concession Table

The Caddy Concession Table III & IV is the ultimate convenience solution for luxury seating cinemas! This innovative, reusable table is designed to perfectly fit into the cupholder of a reclining cinema chair.

Cinemas & Theatres

Caddy Products provide a sophisticated and functional range of cupholders to enhance the cinema experience, Caddy cupholders are the epitome of convenience and style.

Sports Venues

Caddy Products Cupholders for Sporting Venues is a practical accessory enhancing the spectator experience. Caddy cupholders are easily attachable, sturdy, durable, and available in custom colors.

Performing Arts

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House of Worship

House of Worship Caddy is a beautifully crafted and versatile solution designed to enhance the spiritual experience. This thoughtfully designed caddy serves as a multifunctional organizes.


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