MiT 3D XL Mover

3D XL Mover

3D XL Mover

XL Mover

The Moving iMage Technologies XL Mover supports RealD’s XL & Ultimate 3D (U3D) patented light-doubling systems. The XL Mover mounts to the front of the projector pedestal. Alternatively, the XL Mover can be mounted to the projection booth wall below the port window. The XL mover features polished shafts with linear bearings for smooth movement of the RealD element back and forth for years. The XL Mover utilizes gearmotor to repeatably position the RealD system in front of the lens or to the side. The XL Mover can be controlled remotely and is equipped with manual pushbuttons for local operation or manual override.


  • Fast action, the XL Mover, moves from one end of travel to the other in 10 seconds.
  • The “Soft Stop” feature avoids image movement at the end of travel.
  • The “Time Out” feature will stop operation if something blocks the unit's travel.
  • Quiet operation is typically below the projector fan noise level.
  • LED Indicators to notify successful travel operation.
  • Quiet operation, typically can’t be heard over the projector and server fans.

Included 24VDC power supply accepts 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz. 

Consumption is 0.5A max.

Part Number(s):

A000360-001                                     Standard XL Mover System, 30.5” OAL, 12” carriage travel.

A000360-002                                     Extended XL Mover System, 42” OAL, 24” carriage travel.

A000360-101                                     XL Mover system with reversed 2D/3D ends function (for CDS).

                                                             Includes mounting brackets.

Special Component Part Options:

System mounting bracket. Adapts the XL Mover mounting holes to 19” rack mounting pattern (2 ea required):

C001413-001                                     2.5” long (standard).

C001413-002                                     4.25” long (extended).

C001413-003                                     8.25” long (extra long, support legs to floor recommended).

XL carriage top, bracket with slots for mounting XL core:

C001422-002                                     11” L x 5.5” H (Standard).

C001422-003                                     8” L x 4.5” H (Compact).

C001422-004                                     9”Lx1”H(Flat).

C001458-001                                     Mounting Adapter bracket, allows sliding the XL Mover left or right up to 5” from center.


Dimensions (LxWxD):                       28.0 x 17.75 x 12 in. / 0 x 0 x 0 mm.

Weight: lbs. / kg.                               0 lbs. / 0.0kg.