Line of Energy-Conscious Cinema Products

Introduces Line of Energy-Conscious Cinema Products

Fountain Valley, CA June 16, 2014

Moving iMage Technologies announces an expanded line of energy-conscious products designed for the modern cinema. These products now include:

IS-20A/IS-20D Power Sequencers – network enabled, 6 x 20A power sequencers and line filter for sound racks and other electronics. The IS-20 products include inrush surge protection to softly apply the voltage, and sequences the six circuits on or off over several seconds to minimize current surges at the building load center. It also includes UL 1449 level 3 protection surge protection devices to protect delicate equipment from voltage surges and spikes that might come in on the supply voltage. The IS-20D has an advanced web interface for custom naming, timing sequencing and individual circuit control over the network.

The IS-20 was designed with the intention of switching an audio rack, however it’s equally applicable to controlling house lighting, exhaust fans, signs or marquee lighting, the concession stand, video games, or any other aspect of the theater where it’s desirable to automatically power equipment on and off on a daily basis. The IS-20 products save exhibitors money on power costs, labor costs and wear and tear on breakers and switches.

A-LMS 2/4 Dimmer – The A-LMS brings ‘smart’ capabilities to auditorium lighting control based on the use of power-saving LED fixtures that use the 1-10VDC architectural dimming standard. In a typical installation, the A-LMS receives scene cue commands from an automation or d-cinema server via GPI contact closures, RS-232, or network interface.

DCE-10/20 Exhaust Fan Controller – The DCE-10/20 is a closed-loop controller for efficient management of projector exhaust. It controls exhaust airflow on demand, preventing conditioned air being wasted through the projector when cooling is not needed. This translates to substantial energy savings. Depending on the model, the DCE can provide airflow, temperature and humidity data to the exhibitor NOC for monitoring the operating conditions of the projector.

The IS-20, A-LMS and DCE products are only the first in a series of new products being developed by Moving iMage Technologies to create an automated, optimized, and especially, green modern cinema theater. More information on these and other MIT products can be found at the company’s website

Moving iMage Technologies is a manufacturer of standard and custom designed equipment and high level distributor of technology and equipment to the Motion Picture industry. Offering a wide range of products and services such as custom engineering, systems design, integration and installation, digital technology solutions for 3D, digital cinema, audio visual integration. Also turnkey FFE solutions for new construction and remodels through the Rydt Entertainment Systems Division, to include procurement, design, consulting, installation and project management. Based in 28,000 sq ft facilities in Fountain Valley California, housing corporate offices, engineering & manufacturing, distribution, integration as well as service and support divisions. Their strategic location is augmented by a global network of service partners &OEM manufacturers.

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MiT releases 2014 Product Catalog

MiT Product Catalog (04/2014)

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MiT introduces the MOVING iMAGE LIFT

Moving_iMage_LiftMOVING iMAGE LIFT

The Moving iMage Lift mounts to the rear wall of an auditorium. It consists of a quiet projector enclosure ‘pod’ riding on a vertical track. The system raises the projector into position where it will have a clear sightline to the screen for projection, and lowers it to a convenient height for service. The product facilitates a “boothless” cinema design.

– Automatic safety interlock
– Key switch to raise and lower the unit included
– Various projection heights may be selected at installation
– All parts made from rugged formed and welded steel
– Projector enclosure has removable side panels for service
– 24″ sq. projection port included as standard with water clear, A/R coated glass
– Interface plate at the top of the system facilitates electrical and HVAC connections
– Included 8RU of standard 19″ rack mounting under the projector

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MiT @ ShowEast 2013


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