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DCIP and MiT Release Cinergy’s Lamp Management Module

Rockaway, NJ March 29th, 2019 – Digital Cinema Implementation Partners (DCIP) and Moving Image Technologies (MiT) today announced the release of Cinergy’s Lamp Management module as the latest addition to their enterprise software suite. Cinergy continues to evolve to meet the ongoing needs of theater operators as they face new opportunities and challenges with rapidly advancing technologies.

Cinergy’s Lamp Management module includes a centralized, real-time view of all projector lamps across an entire circuit, including active and inactive theater inventory. Lamp locations, lamp hours, and percentage of life left on monitored lamps can all be viewed from one centralized location in Cinergy. Lamp Management includes its own dashboard and reporting area for easy access to lamp specific information, as well as a location for monitoring current and historical lamp alerts that are configured within the Cinergy platform.

Manage lamp assets in Cinergy with ease as updates are made centrally preventing any confusion with lamp location or remaining life. Add, edit, move, swap or dispose of any lamp inventory with the click of a button, ensuring accurate lamp inventory. Detailed reporting capabilities enable theater personnel to track changes to their inventory and manage lamps efficiently. Proactive lamp management is vital to theater operations, not only to ensure lamps are used to their full potential but to ultimately provide movie-goers the best presentation experience possible.



  • Centralized view of all lamp related information, including lamp details, hours and alerts
  • Perform lamp asset related actions
  • View active and historical lamp alerts
  • Detailed lamp reporting capabilities

Upcoming enhancements this year include a bulb ordering system that will be able to queue up lamp orders based on monitored lamp hours, preconfigured thresholds, and inventory levels. This will ensure that desired levels of inventory are maintained and lamps are available when needed.

You can see Cinergy demonstrated at CinemaCon 2019 in Las Vegas, Caesars Palace Booth 2417A.


About DCIP

DCIP is a joint venture owned equally by exhibition industry leaders AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark Holdings, Inc. and Regal, a subsidiary of Cineworld Group plc. Formed over 10 years ago to facilitate the upgrade from 35mm to digital projection technology, DCIP has overseen the conversion of more than 18,000 screens across the United States, Canada and Latin America, and continues to provide management services and facilitate information flow for its deployment footprint and exhibition and distribution partners.

As part of the monumental transition from film print to digital technology, DCIP developed extensive expertise in managing vast amounts of information throughout its digital network, which led to the creation of Cinergy, a scalable centralized enterprise software suite developed to help exhibitors and distributors better monitor and manage cinema execution, presentation and quality assurance, utilizing information that was not centrally available prior to the industry’s conversion. Additional information regarding DCIP and Cinergy is available at and

About Moving Image Technologies

MiT is a manufacturer and integrator of purpose built technology and equipment to support a wide variety of entertainment applications with a focus on motion picture exhibition. MiT offers a wide range of products and services such as custom engineering, systems design, integration and installation, enterprise software solution, digital cinema, A/V integration as well as customized solutions for emerging entertainment technology.  MiT’s Rydt Entertainment Systems Division provides turnkey FFE solutions for new construction and remodels to include procurement, design, consulting, installation and project management.  Based in Fountain Valley California, our 28,000 sq ft facility is home to our corporate offices, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, integration as well as service and support divisions. Our primary manufacturing and warehouse location is augmented by a global network of service partners & OEM manufacturers.