Moving iMage Technologies (MIT), a premier manufacturer and integrator for the cinema exhibition industry, will be showing a full line of product solutions for boothless and alternative cinema installations at ShowEast 2015.

MIT's Micropod quiet projector enclosure is currently being installed in theatres across the country, including Flix Brewhouse's new three-screen addition to their Round Rock, TX location. The Micropod permits the projector to be located inside the auditorium with acoustical noise suppression and ducted air intake and exhaust to keep the projectors quiet and cool.

MIT's Hush Rack provides a physically secure, acoustically quiet and air filtered equipment rack for mounting audio components and other electronics behind the screen or in the auditorium space. "MIT's Hush Racks give us peace of mind by protecting our electronics located behind the screens" said Duane Davis of Flix Brewhouse.

Currently being used daily in hundreds of installations the IS-20 power managers automatically sequence on/off electronic equipment to save on power and labor costs. With equipment located in closets or behind screens the IS-20 pays for itself in power savings and operational efficiencies. Controlled by the server or automation a simple cue powers up the system in the morning and automatically powers down after the last show. The IS-20 also includes line filtering and spike suppression to protect and extend the life of electronics it powers.

CineQC is also a key component for installations where there is not easy physical access to the projection and sound equipment. This operations tool not only expands the usability of the digital cinema network but also provides a digital logging and accountability platform that has long been needed in our industry. CineQC utilizes low cost tablets to permit wireless projection, sound and auditorium control as well as Near Field Communications (NFC) tags to create time-stamp and proof-of-location verification. Checklists and service tickets are also a function of the CineQC platform to improve presentation quality and facility supervision. "The CineQC platform really improves operational efficiency and accountability, taking full advantage of the capabilties that digital cinema enables. The NFC tag verification requires that the operations or security personnel be present at a given location to perform their checklists or system adjustment; this is a key feature of the patent-pending system" says Bevan Wright, EVP of Operations at MIT.

Moving Image Technologies (MiT) is a manufacturer and integrator of purpose built technology and equipment to support a wide variety of entertainment applications with a focus on motion picture exhibition. MiT offers a wide range of products and services such as custom engineering, systems design, integration and installation, digital technology solutions for 3D, digital cinema, A/V integration as well as customized solutions for emerging entertainment technology. MIT's Rydt Entertainment Systems Division provides turnkey FFE solutions for new construction and remodels to include procurement, design, consulting, installation and project management. Based in Fountain Valley California, our 28,000 sq ft facility is home to our corporate offices, engineering, manufacturing, distribution, integration as well as service and support divisions. Our primary manufacturing and warehouse location is augmented by a global network of service partners & OEM manufacturers. For more information go to

Flix Brewhouse is America's Cinema Brewery® – the only first run movie theatre in the world to incorporate a fully functioning microbrewery. By combining these concepts, Flix delivers to your theatre seat three of America's great loves – craft beer, great food and the latest movies! All of our stadium seating "dining rooms" are outfitted with the latest high-definition digital cinema projection and sound technologies, wall-to-wall curved screens, cushy high back chairs, and our revolutionary Easy Glider moveable table top.