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  • Skylight Cinema

    NEC projection Dolby servers QSC audio Harkness screens MIT integration/installation

  • Landmark Theatres – W57th, NYC

    Landmark Theatres, W57th, NYC NEC NC1201 Projectors W/GDC SX-3000 Servers MIT IS-20D MIT IS-30 QSC audio MIT integration        

  • Perot Museum of Nature & Science

    October 2012 – Dallas Tx – The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is 2012?s most significant delivery to the City of Dallas, Texas.  Through a joint effort with Real D & Senovva, MiT was the sole provider of projection, sound, control, and screen systems for the theatre’s 300 seat cinema completed  in  October 2012.  It is…

  • Titan XC

    As one of the first Large Format Exhibitions this Titan XC branded system relied heavily on MiT & Rydt for this technology overhaul. NEC 4.5K DLP Projection illuminates a 65′ Harkness screen wall to wall. Additionally, a QSC/JBL Hybrid Soundsystem was delivered complete with 14 in ceiling loudspeakers making it one of the first venues…

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