XLS-moverThe Moving Image Technologies XLS Mover platform supports the XLS 3D projection system from Real-D for Sony projectors. The system mounts to the front of the lens utilizing a light weight design. Bearing cams on an aluminum tracks allow a gearmotor to positions the XLS system in front of the lens or to the side. System is controlled through remote automation or manually by override push buttons.

• The unit moves the XLS unit from one extreme to the other in under 5 seconds.
• Quiet operation, typically can’t be heard over the projector and server fans.
• Includes a timeout feature so it won’t continue to drive if an object is blocking the path.
• LEDs indicate when the unit has reached either end of travel

The control of the system is by low-voltage contact closures. These can be from an automation system, or from a projector with macro-driven GPDI outputs. The same macros that select 2D and 3D modes on the projector may also be programmed to activate GPDI outputs driving the XLS unit in or out of the optical path. A terminal block is provided for making connections. A small control panel is provided on the operator side of the unit with manual pushbuttons to select the desired position of the unit, overriding the last command received from the GPDI inputs.

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