Digital Cinema Projector


Designed for auditoriums with screens up to 46-feet wide, NEC’s NC1200C DLP cinema projector provides a mesmerizing movie-going experience. Delivering precise 2K (2048 x 1080) resolution, 3-D capabilities and high contrast images (2200:1), this model is easy to operate, extremely user-friendly and requires minimal maintenance.

• 3D content utilitzes the projector’s full 2K resolution using triple flash technology for smooth motion

• Memory functions for lens position and lamp output simplify frequent operation

• Lamp changes can be made from the back of the projector

• Direct selection buttons for eight stored projector configurations

• Projector can be controlled from an optional touchscreen

• Auto lamp brightness control maintains constant brightness by adjusting the lamp power as it ages

• Standard film projector lamps can be used (lamp adapter required)


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