Digital Projector Pedestal

The MOVING iMAGE TECHNOLOGIES S-1 Digital Cinema Pedestal is a base intended to support D-Cinema projectors and related equipment securely and with ease of alignment and service. The S-1 accommodates DLP projectors from all manufacturers and is sturdy enough to support stackable projectors. The base offers 14RU (24.5”) of standard 19” rack space and can be prewired with an optional PDU for simplified power distribution. The top of the unit incorporates a tilting platform that can be adjusted to provide up to a 10-degree down angle. The S-1 can accommodate all D-Cinema Servers as well as the full line of MiT accessories. This includes IMC automations, M-Series Dimmers and IS-30 Spike Arrestors all of which can be pre wired in our factory to your custom specifications. (See separate specifications for details)

Projectors Supported

• NEC – NC1600, NC2500, NC1200, NC2000, NC3200.

• Barco – DP90, DP3000, DP1200, DP1500, DP2000, DP2K-12C, DP2K-15C, DP2K-20C.

• Christie – CP2000M, CP2000-ZX, CP2220, CP2210, CP2000-XB, CP2230.



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