A-LMS24Architectural Lighting Management System

The MOVING iMAGE TECHNOLOGIES A-LMS platform is the latest addition to our suite of products to support green initiatives, in this case for theater lighting applications. The A-LMS brings ‘smart’ capabilities to auditorium lighting control based on the use of power-saving LED fixtures. In a typical installation, the A-LMS receives scene cue commands from an automation or d-cinema server via GPI contact closures, RS-232, or network interface. The unit comes standard with a lacing bar at the rear to facilitate and support the control cabling. The rack mounting ears may be removed if the unit is desired to mount to a wall.

• Designed for modern LED fixtures that use the 1-10VDC architectural dimming standard
• Analog output drive capability: 60mA per channel, typically drives up to 20 fixtures
• Can also control incandescent lamps with an optional external module
• Four scene presents
• Two output channels standard, four output channel option
• User programmable and status via Ethernet with user-friendly web interface

Important note: There are different types of LED fixtures and ballasts available. Some are dimmable to 10%, others are dimmable to 1%. For cinema use it’s essential that you procure LED fixtures that are dimmable to 1%.

Electrical Requirements:
• 12VDC @ 1A (an inline power supply is included with the unit)

• Dimensions: 19.0 x 11.75 x 1.7 in. [483 x 300 x 44mm]
• Weight: 7lbs [3.1 kg]


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