The MOVING iMAGE TECHNOLOGIES INC. IS20-2 Series Power Manager is an upgrade of the IS20D Power Manager introduced in 2013. The new model provides the same AC distribution, sequential on/off control, inrush protection, and surge suppression as the previous model. However the new model is specifically intended for connection to 3-phase power. It can also be configured to output 2-pole single-phase (3 channels).

The IS20-2 has been designed to distribute power to equipment that is desired to be powered on and off on a daily basis. It is ideal for audio amplifier racks, but may be used for other equipment racks, NOCs, video walls, and similar uses. It includes LEDs that indicate the status of all AC phases. The IS20-2 accepts one 40-Amp 3-phase AC feed plus neutral, routes it through six on/off breakers on the front panel and through the switching elements, a soft-start inrush current protection stage, and EMI filter stage, and then to receptacles on the rear panel.

The IS20-2 offers the user discrete on/off control of each circuit, programmable via a simple GUI (Graphical User Interface). The unit can sequence all channels on or off based on a cue from automation systems or projectors using the network interface, or by contact closure. If controlling the unit over the network, additional functionality is available in the form of individual on/off control of each channel, as well as reporting status of each channel.

The IS20-2 Power Manager should be the heart of your energy management plan. Powering systems up and down just in time for their use saves on wasteful energy consumption during system idle time.

• Front Panel LEDs Indicate Power Status Of All Circuits
• Current Rating Of 20 Amps Per Output Channel
• For Use In New Construction Or Retrofits
• 2 U Rack Mountable
• Ethernet Or Dry Contact Control
• Prewire Available
• Individual Circuit Breakers for manual shutdown.
• Pre-Programmed Power-Up And Power-Down Sequence.
• Individual Circuit On/Off Control
• Individual Circuit Power Filtering
• ETL certification and also bears the CE mark.

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