Spike Arrestor


The MOVING iMAGE TECHNOLOGIES IS-30 is an AC power spike arrestor and filter-conditioner. It has been designed by MiT’s engineers specifically to protect digital projectors and other cinema electronics in the d-cinema age. It consists of a rugged, industrial-grade EMI/RFI filter, combined with spike and surge protection components in a unique circuit arrangement that protects and absorbs spikes and surges line-to-ground as well as line-to-line. The unit includes a counter display to indicate how many power spikes and surges have been absorbed and eliminated. It also includes LEDs that indicate the status of all AC phases.

The unit has been designed to withstand and absorb severe spikes and surges, including those from nearby lightning strikes. In the event of a direct, catastrophic lightning strike to the theatre, the IS-30 will take the hit, sacrificing its components within and saving your delicate equipment. It incorporates a ‘bypass’ switch that restores the Power in an unfiltered state, to get the show back on-screen quickly. When the unit is switched to the ‘Bypass’ mode a red LED illuminates as a reminder that spike protection is not in effect.

Note: When used with smaller projectors utilizing 2-pole power, the third pole of the unit may be used to protect other equipment in the auditorium, i.e. automations, servers, audio racks, etc.


• ETL and CE listed

• 3-phase power protection, for either small or large d-cinema projectors

• LEDs on the front panel indicate power status of all three phases

• Voltage ratings of 250VAC or 400VAC phase-to-phase

• Current rating of 35Amps per phase

• Bypass switch assures no service interruption due to unit failure

• For use in new construction or retrofits

• Power connection by internal terminal blocks

• Conduit knockouts on the rear side for routing power in and out

• 2 U rack mountable

• Durable powder coat finish



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