IMC4j_AutomationThe MOVING iMAGE TECHNOLOGIES IMC-4j platform is a standalone automation system for digital cinema applications. It interfaces with the latest generation of digital projectors, servers, audio processors, and also supports pre-feature entertainment systems.

In a typical installation the IMC-4j receives cue commands from a d-cinema server and controls the projector and audio processor via the Local Area Network (Ethernet) port. Digital inputs and outputs interface with legacy equipment as well as curtains, masking, lighting, and other auditorium functions.

• 8 digital (GPIO) inputs
• 8 relay-driven outputs
• 5 outputs rated for 1Amp, 30V
• Masking outputs rated for 5 Amps, 120V
• Preshow projector output rated for 10 Amps, 120V
• Inputs: PreShow Start (with buttons on the front panel for Start and End), Preshow End, Curtain/Light show control and Projector Macro Preload
• Outputs: Separate House and Stage Dimmer (with control buttons on front panel) Low Voltage Control, Curtain Open and Close (with control buttons on front panel) High Voltage Control, Door Magnet Open and Close (High Voltage), Logic Output (programmable) and End Of Day Lamp Kill
• 2 Serial COM ports
• Ethernet Support
• Terminal blocks for all connections
• Fire Alarm input is configurable for common fire panel voltages and control methods
• Customizable programs for most applications
• Manual controls on the front panel for masking, dimmer, preshow, and fire alarm clear
• Expansion modules available to increase I/O capability
• Open-frame design provides easy access
• Includes remote termination board



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