IMC-6 Wall Mount Automation

he MOVING iMAGE TECHNOLOGIES IMC-6 platform is a multipurpose interface device for use in the cinema. It can provide digital communication capability to film-based systems, assist in integrating onscreen advertising or pre-feature entertainment systems, and provides various interface functions in the implementation of D-Cinema. In conjunction with a D-Cinema server, it can serve as a complete automation for a typical D-Cinema system.

In a typical installation, the IMC-6 receives cue commands from a server via RS-232 (or ethernet interface for the IMC-6) and controls the projector and all auditorium functions.

The unit comes standard with a lacing bar to facilitate and support the wiring at the rear. Also the rack mounting ears may be removed if the unit is desired to mount elsewhere, for example to a wall.

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IMC-6 IMC-2e