iMage Lift Model S

More and more theater owners are considering boothless construction options to save construction and operating costs. The ImageLift Model S is the newest addition to Moving iMage Technologies’ line of lift products. Like its ImageLift big brother, the Model S raises the projector for unobstructed projection on the screen, and safely lowers it to a convenient height for servicing, avoiding the use of ladders by service personnel. The Model S uses well-documented Unistrut channel for the track, and is compatible with the MiT Micropod and new Minipod quiet projector enclosures (sold separately). When the projector pod reaches the upper extent of travel the carriage is pin-registered to the upper plate to ensure rock-steady projection, and the ventilation supply and return ports mate with their receptacles with gaskets.

• Attractive, contemporary appearance
• All parts black texture powder coated
• Requires minimal wall support, compatible with standard construction.
• Interface plate allow HVAC hard connection
• Track heights of 11, 13, and 15 feet available as standard (the projector lens will be approximately
24-30” below the top of the track in projection position.
• Winch is mounted on the baseplate for easy service and low center of mass.
• The projector pod lowers onto the top of the winch enclosure for stable support during projector

Weight: TBD
Overall Height: A000415-011 11 feet, 2 in.
A000415-013 13 feet, 2 in.
A000415-015 15 feet, 2 in.

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