hush_rackThe MOVING iMAGE TECHNOLOGIES Hush Rack is designed for all your video and audio rack mounting needs. The Hush Rack provides a level of security uncommon in typical equipment racks. A solid, welded design is ideal for mounting equipment behind the screen where audio pressure would rattle a typical sound rack. High volume, low-pressure ventilation is filtered to keep your amps breathing cleanly with minimal service required in the dirtiest of environments. Coupled with the MOVING iMAGE TECHNOLOGIES IS Series of power filtering and remote switching products, the MOVING iMAGE TECHNOLOGIES Hush Rack can be remotely powered up/down to support efficient energy management and equipment protection. The MOVING iMAGE TECHNOLOGIES hush rack is the latest product in our line to support alternative auditorium configurations including boothless cinema.

• 40 RU of secure rack space
• Welded steel powder-coated construction
• 5 point lockable steel security doors
• Air filters in front and back doors
• High-volume, low pressure fans for quiet ventilation.
• Cable lacing channels for ease of cable dressing & management
• Bonded grounding post
• Bare rack rails for secure grounding of devices
• Adjustable rack rails front and rear for flexible mounting
• Support channel at the bottom of rack for heavy amps or UPS
• Work light for ease of service
• Laser cut conduit knock-outs for flexibility of service entry/exit
• Available integration with all of MiT power filtering, distribution products
• Rack integration services available to deliver a fully wired and tested product to your specifications.



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