DVL Series DirectView LED Frame Support System




Standard Cinema Centric Configurations: p2.5 & p3.33

The Moving iMage Technologies DVL Support System provides most of the functions required for implementing DirectView LED technology, including mechanical/structural support, catwalks for service access, loudspeaker platforms, AC power distribution, and integrated low voltage LED work lighting. The MiT DVL has been designed in collaboration with Samsung, specifically to work with the Onyx Cinema LED panels. The frame is customizable to accommodate other DCI Certified LED cinema systems.

The frame consists of a bottom section that elevates the screen off the floor as needed for sightlines. Upper sections correspond to the pitch of the LED panels.

Installation of the MiT DVL system requires bracing to a heavy load-bearing wall at the front of the room to provide lateral stability. If an appropriate load-bearing wall at the front isn’t available, an additional stabilizing kit is required. Other optional kits are available to mount screen masking/drapery, sound baffles/ bafflettes around speakers and additional stabilizing components for active seismic sites.


• Welded steel modular construction supports multiple LED configurations
• Adjustable heavy-duty leveling feet for easy leveling
• Proprietary truing system for fast alignment
• Proprietary support beams for LEDs minimize stress on panels
• Open-mesh catwalk platforms do not impede fire sprinklers
• Permanent ladder, safety railings & fall-arrest system integrated into frame design
• Speaker mounts support top, side, and under speaker mounting
• Speaker layout options conform to all major immersive sound formats for cinemas
• AC power distribution components supplied with the system
• Low voltage lighting system supplied with the system
• Design carries Structural Engineer stamp

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