DCE 10/20 Exhaust

DCE1020DCE-10/20 Exhaust Fan Controller

The DCE-10/20 is a closed loop controller for your projector exhaust. The DCE is designed to efficiently control your projector exhaust, on demand, by managing your airflow and prevent the wasting of conditioned air through your projector when cooling is not needed. This translates to an energy savings by managing conditioned air demand of your projection booth. Depending on model, the DCE can provide CFM, temperature and humidity data to your NOC to manage the operating conditions of your projector.

• Boosts The Efficiency Of Your Projector Exhaust While Delivering The Demand Required.
• Eliminates Wasting Conditioned Air In Your Booth To Cool A Projector That Doesn’t Need It.
• Primary Exhaust Control is retained via the Projector or Automation.
• Supplementary Control Via Temperature Or Humidity (water) Sensors.
• Capable Of 2 Stage Operation (LOW-HIGH) When Used With A 2 Stage Fan.
• Interfaces with Fire Alarm System to Retain Proper Building Alarm Emergency Behavior.
• Passive Model for basic, 2 stage operation of the primary and booster exhaust.
• Advanced model for Ethernet connectivity and feedback to a house monitoring system or NOC.
• Passive and Advanced models will detect temperature and moisture.
• Advanced Model will support Ethernet connection and logging/trending of flow, temperature and humidity.
• During down time the exhaust can be cycled to prevent cool down drafts from chilling your electronics preventing potential condensation buildup inside the projector due to temperature differential.
• Dampers are sometimes used but are rarely insulated.
• In windy, heavy rain storms, protected roof vents can still be inundated by water.
-Emergency exhaust actuation can prevent some water from reaching the projector.
-At minimum, staff can be notified to detach the exhaust in a water compromised situation.


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