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From the Weakest Link to the Strongest Link in your Digital Cinema Evolution

CINERGY – Enterprise Level Tools
Corporate Management of your Digital Cinema Assets

Command Center
A Centralized Dashboard of all Cinergy Modules in one intuitive view

Theatre Management
Theatre attributes and asset information are stored here for quick review

Key Delivery
Content keys are delivered to Cinergy where they are sorted and distributed directly to each location via e-mail or directly to your TMS with Audits, Status and Validation at a glance. Replacement KDMs can be requested and directly downloaded at any time from the Cinergy Cloud.

Log Management
Cinergy’s Log Management software allows you to store, monitor and manage all of your digital cinema log files in a secure and centralized location from which you can analyze, audit, report on or deliver this information for any or all of your theaters.

Trailer Scheduling
Easily target and centrally schedule all of the trailer content for all of your theaters. You can manage schedules with easy to use, drag and drop graphical interfaces and publish directly to the theatres.

Health Monitoring and Alerts
Equipment Health information is readily available for Cinergy-linked equipment. Custom configurable Health Alerts let you know in an instant that you’ve got (or soon might have) an equipment problem.

CINERGY allows these applications and more, to be centralized at a corporate level. Maximizing your circuit’s visibility and maximizing your bottom line!

CineQC – Local Level Tools
Log Your Theatre Checks and Polish the Presentation

Quality Control Checklist
Define a checklist for any location. Theatres, Restrooms, Perimeter, Bar, etc with a specific list of attributes to review. Android Tablets display the list for staff interface.

Presence records
A quick scan of an NFC tag by the Android tablet pulls up the checklist and logs a timestamp of the scan at each location.

Auditorium Equipment Control
Theatre staff can perform basic controls in the auditorium such as Lights, Projection, Audio and HVAC to tailor the conditions to the presentation.

Service Tickets with Photo Capture
Service and security needs can be quickly documented and addressed by entering a ticket into the system with an optional photo.

Show Schedule
The show schedule can be reviewed at any time for staff or patron assistance.

Emergency Management
In case of emergency and with a secret keystroke, user can stop all shows or restart them, for example after a power failure.

With CineQC, tasks can be redistributed, lowering operational costs and increasing productivity in different areas while improving presentation and supervision.

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