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Cinergy is a cloud based Software-as-a-Service suite of modules that provide centralized monitoring, management, and control of your theaters. Track all your assets in one place, monitor your digital equipment and proactively receive notifications of a problem, track your content to ensure everything is ready for playout, automatically deliver keys to each device with return receipts, collect and manage your device logs, schedule trailers centrally, and report off everything, all integrated into one platform.


Asset tracking

With Cinergy you can track all of your digital and non-digital equipment in one place. Asset tracking isn’t limited to just equipment. Also track information about all of your theaters and auditoriums. All of your information is fully integrated with powerful reporting tools including a fully automated Trusted Device List system where you control which distributors have access to information you choose to share.


Content management

Track all of your content and integrate that information with comprehensive reporting. View your show schedules, KDM information, and playlists while staying a step ahead with proactive alerting. Centrally manage your trailers and automatically deliver playlists to your theaters.


Health monitoring

Cinergy connects to your digital equipment to track the health of your systems. Integrated with all major manufacturers, Cinergy provides in-depth monitoring capabilities to ensure problems are detected before they result in critical failures. Coupled with a highly configurable alerting system, the Cinergy Health Monitoring system is customizable to your individual needs.


Key delivery

Cinergy provides an exhibitor managed solution to receive keys from distributors and distribute the keys directly to your screens with full tracking and delivery auditing at each step in the process. Multiple simultaneous delivery methods are provided to accommodate your specific needs. The Key Delivery system is fully integrated with the Health Monitoring system to provide advanced warnings when you need new keys.


Lamp management

View all of your projector lamps across your entire circuit in real-time, including active and inactive theater inventory, lamp locations, lamp hours, and percentage of life left on monitored lamps from one centralized location. Lamp Management includes its own dashboard and reporting area for easy access to lamp specific information, as well as a location for monitoring current and historical lamp alerts that are configured within the Cinergy platform.


Preventative maintenance

Create customized maintenance plans across your theater circuit to meet your specific needs while scheduling and tracking provider integration capabilities. The Preventative Maintenance system also includes robust scheduling capabilities and eliminates awkward paper or limited forms with a flexible solution that caters to your environment.



Fully customized reporting allowing you to build organization specific dashboards, widgets, and reports. Create reporting that includes relevant information and focuses on what matters most along with easy access to prebuilt reports with the option to customize.

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