Ultra-bright DLP Cinema® projector for screens up to 23m (75ft)

The Barco DP2K-23B is an ultra-bright digital cinema projector for theaters with screens up to 23m (75ft) wide.

Ultimate brightness, stunning 3D

Based on Texas Instruments’ proven 1.2” DLP Cinema® chip, the high-performance DP2K-23B ensures a premium movie experience in 2D and 3D. What’s more, the DP2K-23B combines this amazing image quality with an easy-to-use modular design and lowest cost of ownership.

Low cost of ownership

Keeping operating cost low was a top priority when developing the DP2K-23B. All core components have therefore been designed for easy serviceability and extended product lifetime.

Easy maintenance

The DP2K-23B projector has an easy-to-use, fully modular architecture. This modularity significantly minimizes downtime, allows for a minimum spare parts stock and speeds up technicians’ learning curves, which significantly reduces cost of ownership.

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