ALF LED Light Fixture

ALF-70W_90WALF LED Light Fixture

Designed as the complement to our Architectural Lighting Management System lighting controller, the Moving iMage Technologies Architectural LED Fixture (ALF) is the first LED-based 8” downlight luminaire designed specifically for cinema auditoriums. Actually two light fixtures in one, it includes two sets of LED elements that may be controlled separately. One set is typically selected for dimming to low levels while an audience is present. The other channel can use the same type LED elements for increased overall lumen output, or may be a more intense, brighter white for use during cleaning.


• 70 Watt model: Center: 1600 Lumens; Outer: 4800 Lumens. 6000 total Lumens
• 90 Watt model: Center: 3000 Lumens; Outer: 4800 Lumens. 8000 total Lumens
• 1000:1 dimming: Dims smoothly from 100% to less than 0.1% light output
• 1.0-10Vdc dimming control input per IEC 60929 architectural dimming standard
• Color temperatures 3000K-4000K standard, others on request
• Optional “Dim-warm” feature mimics incandescent lamps
• Oversized heatsink for long component life: 50,000 hours typical
• Mounts in T-bar ceiling with standard brackets
• Power supply can be located in the booth
• Fixtures may be daisy-chained (up to 4)
• Includes 24” T-bar mounting hardware (2 brackets)

Electrical Requirements:

36 VDC @ 2.0 Amps (70W) or 2.5 Amps (90W)


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