The Moving iMage Technologies ALMS-20L continues the line of lighting control products begun with the cinema industry workhorse M4800 dimmer over a decade ago, and more recently expanded into 1-10VDC lighting control with our ALMS-24 product, by providing both functions in the same unit. The perfect solution to aid the transition from 120V incandescent lighting to solid-state LED lighting, since it supports both in the same unit. The ALMS-20L is a forward or “leading edge” type phase control dimmer. It is not compatible with fixtures that require “reverse” or “trailing edge” phase control.


• • Two AC channels, 1000W per channel (2000W total)*

• • Two IEC 60929 1-10VDC control channels, 50mA per channel

• • Six programmable scenes plus ‘ALL ON’ mode

• • Accepts single 20A, 120VAC service (230V model also available)

• • LCD Display shows status and allows program changes without opening the unit

• • User-friendly graphical user interface for setting levels & timing through network connection

• • Accepts commands via contact closure or network. Contact closure output may be used to trigger additional dimmers or other equipment

• • Included relays power down fixtures in accordance with ‘green’ initiatives

• • Ergonomic front hinges open for easy installation & service.

• • All connections by pluggable terminal blocks

• • Mounts to wall or bulkhead

• • Rugged steel construction, durable powder coat finish

• • Safety certification to UL Standard 508


*AC output is optimized for driving LED fixtures & Edison screw base LED retrofit lamps. Wattage rating for use with incandescent lamps is 750W per channel.

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