Moving iMage Technologies Announces Enhancements to its “Green Energy” Product Line


Fountain Valley, California – September 29, 2017 Moving iMage Technologies announces an expansion to its “green energy” product line with three new products and improvements to existing products, all debuting 4Q 2017. David Richards, Moving iMage Technologies SVP of Engineering commented, “The introduction of LED-based lighting in theaters has rapidly become an important aspect of our Green product line. The new technology has everyone scrambling to take advantage of the tremendous advantages it offers in efficiency, appearance, and reduced maintenance, which all translate to lower operating cost for the exhibitor.”


The new MiT product additions and improvements include the following:


Architectural Lighting Manager / Dimmer system (ALMS-20L). Effectively two dimmers in one, the new ALMS-20L combines a two-channel AC phase control dimmer with a two-channel 1-10VDC lighting management system. The AC phase control portion is rated at 1000W per channel (2000W total). The 1-10VDC control outputs correspond to the IEC 60929 standard but also support additional special features of the new MiT ALF LED lighting fixture models (see below). Both outputs are programmed using the same user-friendly interface accessed via a network.


8” Architectural LED Fixture (ALF-8) 2018 model. This product was introduced in 2015 and continues to be refined to add features. New additions to the technology for the 2018 model include a feature called “Virtual 2-channel™,” a user selectable option that allows both lighting channels to be controlled by a single 1-10V control line. Another feature is called “AutoNox™” which completely extinguishes each lighting channel when its control voltage is reduced to the minimum level. Other design improvements have increased dimming ratio from 1000:1 to over 2000:1.


4” Architectural LED Fixture (ALF-4). This new fixture is a 4” diameter round downlight luminaire intended for T-bar ceiling installation. The fixture uses the same proven LED and driver components as its 8” big brother, including MiT’s new 2000:1 dimming, and a projected 50,000 hour lifetime at full output. This new fixture is intended for aisles, entranceways and exits where a narrow illumination beam is desired to minimize spill light. It uses a 36VDC, 15W, 2700°K LED module as standard but may be customized with a lower wattage or different color temperature LED.


Architectural LED “Split Personality” Sconce. Another new product that leverages the MiT 2-channel LED driver – by day it’s a conventional-appearing, slim footprint, 30VDC, 30W wall sconce. But activate the second channel and it can adopt a variety of different “personalities.” The second channel may be a different color light. Or it can be a rear-facing LED module to throw light on the wall behind the sconce for indirect illumination. The second channel can also be used to project an image (e.g., your logo) on the wall from a gobo. Dual mounting modes include conventional wall mounting as well as suspension from a T-bar ceiling grid.


Demand Controlled Ventilation system (DCV). This product has also undergone refinement since its initial introduction in 2016. The product automatically shuts down projector exhaust fans when not needed, saving expensive conditioned air and reducing energy costs. The production model now available incorporates microprocessor control to adjust the exhaust fan speed based on projector activity as well as ambient temperature, humidity, and fire alarm status. It can provide status feedback to users via a network interface.


All these products will be shown at Show East 2017 being held at the Loews Miami Beach, October 23-26, 2017, booth #411.


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